Terms of Use


Welcome to qc.coccoc.com, online advertising system owned and operated by Cốc Cốc Co. Ltd. You can implement and execute the online advertising campaigns for your products and services through our Services, including Cốc Cốc Ads System (on Cốc Cốc Browser and Cốc Cốc Search Engine), Search Location App at Nhà Nhà Mobile Platform (collectively known as "Services"). We provide you with the Services and you have to agree and accord with the following terms and conditions of Terms of Use ("Terms of Use").

Terms of Use defines the compulsory terms when you use the Services. The term "You" and / or"User" is referred to those who use the Services. Please read carefully and save a copy of the Terms of Use.

By visiting qc.coccoc.com and using our Services, you agree to be bound to the Terms of Use, Advertising Policies and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to be bound to our Terms of Use, Advertising Policies and Privacy Policy,you should immediately stop accessing qc.coccoc.com and stop using the Services.

We carry out the Terms of Use, Advertising Policy and Privacy Policy under current law and all contents in this document are in accordance with regulations or requirements of the government, judgment execution offices regarding the use the Services or information provided by us, received or obtained from the usage of the Services.


Website qc.coccoc.com and the Services are provided on a non-warranty principle, Services and features available at qc.coccoc.com or the Services are not guaranteed to meet your requirements to ensure that the operation of the software or the Services will not be interrupted or meet an error.

We are not responsible for any loss of data, loss of benefits or other issues related to access qc.coccoc.com and use of the Services, including but not limited to all information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages or other materials ("Content") that you can keep , upload, or transmit through the Services. You agree to use the Services with all the risks.


We reserve the right to revise and / or modify without a notice any provision of these Terms of Use from time to time. The revision and / or modification will be effective immediately when posted on the website qc.coccoc.com. If you continue to access qc.coccoc.com or use the Services after the revision and / or modification, you have accepted and agreed to the revision and / or modification.


You must use the Services in accordance with the current regulations of the Vietnamese law. We do not ignore or permit any act of illegal or prohibited actions concerning the Services. We reserve the right to investigate and take the necessary legal measures against any person who, in our discretion, violates this provision, including but not limited to to informing the State Administration Agencies.


When using our Services, in addition to contract for advertising Services according to the form issued by us, you are bound to accept and comply with the conditions specified below and Advertising Policy statements related to each type of the advertised product. You agree and accept that if you do not implement the terms of advertising contract properly and fully means you violate the Terms of Use and the violation will be handled according to the rules in the Terms of Use.

5.1. Products, advertising Services provided via the Advertising system:

We are constantly changing, and constantly providing additional products and services through our online advertising system. Any changes, additions, and terminations are known as changes of the Terms of Use.

The promotional products are offered through our online advertising system:

  • Keyword advertising;

  • News Advertising;

  • Icons Advertising;

  • Exclusive central banner inC ốc Cốc browser;

5.2. Regulations on your advertising content and Services products:

  • You take an obligation that the products and services which you advertise through the Services are not fobidden by the current laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Trade Law, Advertising Law, Intellectual Property, Competition, ..) like prohibit advertising, circulation, use or restrict traffic use, as well as in cases of fake and pirated goods, products.

  • If the products and services you advertise are limited in circulation, but you can use the license of the state agencies competent to permit you implement communication campaigns, marketing with the products and services, then you need to inform us, and provide us with sufficient evidence of the legality of your ad campaign.

  • The products and services have to meet the the current law policy on Advertising and Competition. As it was mentioned before, the products and services as well as your ad content should not fall inder the case of advertising prohibited by law, described as untruthful, misleading about using real value of products and services.

5.3. While using the Services, you agree not to spread any software, code, virus, trojan ... any thing that may effect or cause any damage to the user. You also cannot promote through advertisements in the Services collection of illegal and inappropriate private information. All information must be confidential.

The advertising campaign should not cause anything negative for the computer, Internet access of users. You agree not to use the Services to spread through the Services any spam messages, junk mail ... to the users.

5.4. Intellectual property rights to the advertised products and services: You guaranty that the products and services are owned by you, or used, operated legally. You should not use the Services to promote products in a way that violates Intellectual property law, violates the rights and interests of the third party owners.

5.5. We can but we are not obliged to provide you the free use, not include copyright fees, not assign and not make the exclusive license to use the product and our Services. You cannot yourself and you cannot allow anyone to copy, create derivative works, or attempt to extract the source code of software that we provide to you through the usage of our Services.

5.6. We are entitled but not obliged to moderate, screen, reject, modify or change any ad content in the Services. You have to take risks when using our Services even though the supply of Services, we are using moderating tools to screen content of inappropriate ads, that violate provisions of Vietnamese law and our Advertising Policy.

5.7. You agree that you must be responsible for your actions and any advertising contents that you create, display or transmit, promote in our Services and the consequences. You agree that you only use our Services for legal purposes, valid, and consistent with the provisions of the Vietnamese law, these Terms of Use, Advertising Policy and Privacy Policy for products and services as well as guidilines or any other policy that we apply.

5.8. You agree that we shall not be responsible for any content of your ads deleted or not accepted in the process of maintaining and providing the Services.

5.9. You agree that we may collect information about your or the observer’s location, access to the content of your ad. The collecting of location information is conducted to improve the quality of ads on our site for users.

5.10. You agree that we may send your website address and users website addresses to monitor and access the contents of your ads on the host processor to improve the search features (Cốc Cốc Search engine, our Vietnamese information technology products). The data is stored anonymously - not associated with any of your information, this data will not be processed for personalization​, objectifying to detect users.

5.11. You recognize that we may link to or provide links from other websites and you agree that we have no control and responsibility for any content, advertising, services, products you can get or learn about from these websites. At the same time you also confirm that we will not be responsible for any loss caused by or resulted by the use of any content, advertising, services, products from these websites.

5.12. You agree that you will not engage in any activity or perform any action or threat that may interrupt or suspend the Services and the affiliates network of the Services.

5.13. You agree that we with our absolute power to decide, may stop providing the Services or a part of Services to you any time without a notice if we believe you have violated the law or use inappropriately our Services. In this case, you agree to exept all responsibilitie​s, our obligations to you or to any other third party as we provided the Services to.


We provide the Services to you entirely online through the website system qc.coccoc.com starting from registering an account, selecting and creating an advertising campaigns a well as making payments for our Services.

You confirm and agree that you have researched carefully and will comply fully with the regulations on account registration to make advertisements, payment methods surcharge and costs as they are posted on the Website qc.coccoc.com ("the Regulation on Registration and Usage of the Services"). By agreeing to the registration procedures on qc.coccoc.com, you have to accept to be bound by the Regulation on Registration and Usage of the Services when you use the Services.

We may reevise and / or modify the content of this Terms of Use, as well as the Regulations on the Registration and Usage of the Services for the purpose of providing the best content regulations and meet most of the facilities and effects when you use the Services as well as ensuring enhancing our interest when providing Services.

We reserve the right but no obligation to inform you of any revision and / or modification the Regulation on Registration and Use of Services. The revision and / or modification will be immediately effective when posted on the website qc.coccoc.com. If you continue to use the Services after the revision and / or modification was posted, you have accepted and agreed to the revision and / or modification. We recommend that you regularly check qc.coccoc.com and contact our support staff to get the updated Rules of Registration and Use of Services.

By using the Services, you will use the default a feature that allows our support staff to manage and edit your advertising campaigns. In this case, all changes, edits the ad campaigns are updated only when with your permission via email, text message or a phonce call. You may refuse to use this feature by accessing the "Advanced preferences" ("Preferences") in your account and unchecking the feature.

Service charge: We have payment options

  • Visa card / master card via electronic payment gateways: Sohapay or Smartlink;

  • Bank transfer;

  • Pay by cash (in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city), the minimum value is 500,000 VND (VAT invoice).


7.1. Promotional codes are promotional funds transferred to the user account, the value can be used only 01 time.

7.2. To use a promotional code, you need to perform all conditions associated with this promotional code, specifically as follows:

  • Each promotion code can only be used once, for an account, if there is no clear suggestion on the use of many promotion coupon.

  • Promotion codes are only valid for a period of use. Expired promotion codes are not applicable for the user account.

  • Each promotion code can only be used for one account.

  • Each promotion code is valid under a condition. After using a promotion code, this value will be transferred into the user's account and used to pay for the advertising campaign if the campaign was approved by the moderation system under the QC Terms and conditions of. Meanwhile, all the conditions on the price are charged as normal transactions.

  • Promotion amounts in your account are valid for 90 days after the activation. Promotion remaining amounts after 90 days (if any) will be deleted from the user account.

  • Promotion codes can only be used for the user account that has been activated. Account is activated when there was at least one payment made.

  • Users will be charged for the amount of advertising that exceeds the value of promotion codes. Promotion amounts are not refundable or transferable, promotion codes may not be resold to third parties. Cốc Cốc QC may withdraw promotion code at any time for any reason.

  • By using the Promotion code that you have accepted these terms and conditions. This proposal has no value if prohibited by law.


You confirm and agree that we are only willing to provide the Services if you agree to limit our liability to you and the third parties. You agree that you are responsible only for compensation and full respect of any complaint, claim to us concerning any violation of regulations by the use of Services or stop using our Services.

You agree that you are responsible only for the products and services you advertise with your content. You keep our commitment to not to participate and do not have joint responsibility on any claims, conflicts, disputes and legal proceedings in court or arbitral institutions, intermediate organizations, the decision of the authorized State agencies ... relating to or arising from the products and services, the content of your ad.

You agree to defend, compensate, reimburse us, of our associates, as well as every employee, director, employee, agent, representatives​, suppliers and internal information our license is not compromised by any claim, loss, damage arising from the judgment of the court or the arbitration institution, the administrative decisions of state agencies authorized, as well as the costs, including but not limited to attorneys fees, the legal costs, compensation for damage, late payment interest, administrative violations, related to or arising from the products and services, your ad content, or related to the violation of these Terms of Use the or your use of the Services, or any person others use the Services or through your use of your computer. We reserve the right, by its cost, you'll get complete protection and control (but no responsibility) for any matter arising subject to compensation by you.


The Services and all the necessary software, constituent materials of the Services, operators and implement Services , including intellectual property rights to the our Services and products, and all the necessary software, constituent materials of Services ("intellectual Property"), are protected by copyright, trademark, service mark or other proprietary rights owned by us or are owned by third parties which has granted rights to our intellectual property. You should not use any commercial names, trademarks and goods, logos, domain names and other forms of identification of goods or featured services in other commercial purposes except when you get the approval written by us, or use it to influence, hinder or causenegative impacts on the normal operation of our products, Services and reputation.

The editing ( that is collecting, sorting, and making catalogues) of all the intellectual Property Services is our exclusive property which protected by the Vietnamese law and international conventions on copyrights. Intellectual property of the Services and other Services that are owned, operated, controlled, or licensed by Cốc Cốc must not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distribution in any way.

The use or modification of the intellectual property rights of our products and services under any form, including but not limited to any websites or environment connected computers, but without the prior written consent is a violation of copyright and other our property rights and it is strictly prohibited. We respect the intellectual propertyof others and asks users of the Services to do it as well. You may not upload, attach, post, transmit in any other way to make available any material constituent affect the intellectual property rights or copyright, trademark, trade secret and other property rights of any organization or individual. We may terminate the access to the Services or any other Services provided by us to the suspected infringement.


Governing Law

Terms of Use are governed and interpreted in accordance with the Vietnamese law. If any provision of these Terms of Use are unlawfull, void or have any reason and cannot be carried out, then that provision shall be deemed severable from these Terms of Use and no affect to the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions of the Terms of Use.


Terms of Use take effect until terminated by you or by us under the following circumstances:

  • Terminated by you: You may terminate these Terms of Use by not using the Services.

  • Terminated by us: Terms of Use terminated immediately that we do not need to notice if (i) as determined by us, you do not comply with any provisions of Terms of Use or (ii) the laws or decisions of the government, the courts, enforcement agencies require us to terminate.

Terms of Use

Upon termination of the Terms of Use, you must delete all information and documents received from us, any Cốc Cốc website and all copies of information and materials, whether established by the terms of this Terms of use or of other provisions.


If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Use, the operation of the Services, or your connection with us, please contact us by email: support_qc@coccoc.com. All problems or conflicts will be resolved quickly and appropriately.