Cốc Cốc Trademark Policy

Our policy for trademark usage depends on where the trademarked term is used. Please continue reading for our specific policies for trademarks in:

  • Ad headlines, descriptions, or image text
  • Keywords
  • URLs

Trademarks in ad headline, description, or image text

Other than the following exceptions, advertisements may not include trademarks from businesses other than the advertiser in the ad headline, ad description, or in text on banners or images.


  • The advertiser has permission from the trademark owner.
  • The advertiser is a reseller of products containing the advertised trademark.
  • The advertised site is focused on providing informational details about the trademarked term.
  • The trademarked term is being used in a normal context and does not suggest or imply any relation to the trademarked meaning.

Trademarks in keywords

Cốc Cốc does not restrict advertisers from bidding on keywords containing trademarks. Advertisers are allowed to bid on trademarked terms, even if they are competitors.

Trademarks in URLs

Cốc Cốc does not restrict advertisers from using trademarks in their URLs. If trademark owners notice an advertiser using a trademarked term in their URL, we encourage the trademark owner to contact the advertiser directly to resolve the dispute according to intellectual property laws or to utilize the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy.

Report Inappropriate Trademark Use

Please contact our support to report an unapproved use of your trademark.