Requirements for landing pages

In accordance with ad regulations, there are some requirements for landing pages. In case of not satisfying those requirements, ad activation can be refused and postponed till everything is fixed.

  • The landing page has to contain the information that is shown on the advertiser's content and cannot be misleading for the user;

  • The e-commerce site must have detailed information about the terms and conditions of payment and delivery;

  • The content of the landing page offered by an advertisement must be accessible without registration or any login process;

  • Information about prices and payment methods should be easy to find on the website;

  • Price on site must match the price on the banner and the actual price;

  • Link should lead directly to your website.

  • Links must not lead to automatic download of any file or run any application

  • Links that have an only purpose to redirect a user to another website are prohibited

  • Links to another website or other pages with different content will be rejected.

  • Links that lead to an email is unacceptable.

  • Pages that have violent, depraved, disgusting, inappropriate content; content that doesn't match fine habits and customs of Vietnamese people; content that violates Vietnam Advertising Law are not acceptable.


  • Infinite URL redirections are unacceptable;

  • It is unacceptable for status code of the landing page to be 4XX or 5xx (such as Error 500);

  • The server’s response code for the landing page should be 200 OK;