Requirements for banner ads

All banner ads must conform to Vietnamese Laws and the general ad requirements of QC Cốc Cốc (found here). The following are specific requirements for banner ads:

1. Product and service requirements

The following products are only allowed to be displayed on the search results page. They cannot be displayed on the Cốc Cốc browser new tab:

  • Electronic cigarettes

  • Condoms

  • Drugs or clinics involving the treatment of gynecological, rectal or venereal diseases

  • Steroids or other performance enhancing drugs

  • Abortion clinics or abortion-related content

2. Requirements for advertised content

  • Content (including image and all text) must provide full advertising information (offer, advertiser name, etc.) and must be relevant to the ad’s landing page.

  • Information about deals or promotions mentioned in the ad content must also be available on landing pages. If the offers or promotions are expired or not active yet, the ad cannot display information about them.

  • If the landing page is written in a foreign language, the ad contents must have a notification about the language used on the landing page.

  • Banners may only include the superlative form (e.g. “top”, “best”) when the advertiser can provide direct proof of the “achievement” from a third party authority.

  • Banners are not allowed to include sound or video.

  • Games can only be advertised in the “Game” category.

3. Requirements for visual content

Customers are free to choose what image content they use to advertise their product. However, all images must conform to the following requirements:

  • Cốc Cốc reserves the right to refuse to display ads if, in our judgment, the display of these ads might negatively affect the Cốc Cốc image and/or brand.

  • Banners cannot mimic the elements of popular software interfaces – e.g., Windows or an Internet Messenger client. Banners should not have an image of a mouse cursor, search bars, buttons (pause, repeat, "Play" "press here", etc).

  • Cốc Cốc only accepts brand logos that represent the advertised product. Advertisers cannot use other companies’ logos.

  • Non-logo images on banner ads must be related to the advertised product.

  • Images can only have one direct interpretation.

  • Images cannot contain unaesthetic elements.

  •  Banners cannot include a comparison of two images.

  • Images that have violent, depraved, disgusting, or inappropriate content, or that do not match Vietnamese habits and customs or violate Vietnamese Advertising law are not accepted.

  • Images of injuries, other physical disabilities, dismemberment of humans or animals are not accepted.

  • Images of nudity, swimsuits, or transparent clothing cannot be overly revealing. Please note that images of swimsuits are only allowed for ads about relevant products such as swimsuits, sunscreen products, weight-loss products, etc.

  • Provocative images about sexual relationships or sexual desire are not allowed.

  • Images that contain body parts of women that are sexually suggestive are not allowed.

  • Images that mislead customers about the advertised product are not allowed.

  • Low-quality images are not allowed.

  • Images that are blurry or have blurry elements are not allowed.

  • Images with too much noise are not allowed.

  • Product images must be carefully cropped/cut to ensure the entire product is displayed.

4. Requirements for text on banners

  • Misspelled words or grammatical problems are not allowed unless part of the company brand name.

  • Symbols, numbers, and letters with a false meaning and a false purpose are not accepted.

  • Any text should be clearly legible. Letters should not be too small and have proper contrast levels with background colors. The background color should not be too dark or too bright to read the text. Learn about good contrast.

  • Text on banners must be clear, legible and not misleading to users.

  • Offensive language that encourages cruelty or violence will not be accepted.

  • Text must follow Vietnamese standard grammar rules.

  • Local words should only be used for ads targeted to that particular location.

  • Slang or English will only be accepted if they have a single meaning and are widely used.

5. Technical Requirements


Banner on the Cốc Cốc browser new tab

Banner on the Cốc Cốc search results page

Image size

728x90 px 
640x360 px

300x250 px
240x400 px


flash, gif, jpeg, jpg, png

flash, gif, jpeg, jpg, png

Max File Size

150 KB

60 KB


  • CPU usage must be below 50%.

  • Banners cannot include sound or video.

  • All files should be provided in the original format (.swf).

  • All URLs in flash must follow the format: getURL link1, ʺ_blankʺ).

  • Flash banners cannot contain external elements.

  • Mouse-over actions are allowed.

  • If background is lighter than Grey #ebebeb, apply one-pixel frame's border: Grey #ebebeb

  • All fonts should be saved as images (break apart) and easily readable.

  • Animation time to complete at least: 0.3 seconds(0.35f).

  • Banners with large flashing elements or sudden relocations of elements that seriously interfere with the user’s attention and annoy user are not accepted.


All question about banner ads, feel free to contact us via:

Hotline:  (024) 38 838 838


Skype: coccoc_qc or Yahoo: coccoc_qc