Coupon: Terms and Conditions

Coupon is a promotional amount transferred to users’ accounts, valids 01 time.

To use a coupon, users need to accomplish condition associated with it.

  • Each coupon can only be used once, for one account, if there is no instruction in using more than one coupon.

  • A coupon is only valid for a period of time. Coupon which has expired cannot be replenished into user accounts.

  • Each coupon can only be used for one account.

  • Each coupon is only valid according to the proposed conditions. After using coupon, this value will be transferred to the user's account and used to pay for the advertising campaign if the campaign is approved by the QC system of censorship under its terms and conditions. As such, all conditions and prices are charged as a normal transaction.

  • The promotional amount is valid for 90 days after activation. Remaining promotional amount after 90 days (if any) will be deleted from the user account.

  • Coupon can only be used for an activated account. Activated account is one that have been successfully replenished at least once.

  • User will need to pay for the amount that exceeds the coupon’s value,

  • This promotional amount cannot be refunded or transferred.

  • Coupons cannot be sold to a third party.

  • Coc Coc QC reserves the right to recover coupons for any reason.

  • By using coupons, you have accepted these terms and conditions. This proposal has no value if prohibited by law.