Requirements for search ads

Search ads must meet all requirements of Vietnamese laws and the general ad requirements of Cốc Cốc found here.

In addition to the general ad requirements, search ads should meet the following specific requirements:

1. Product requirements:

a. Products that can only be displayed on the search results page:

In addition to the entirely prohibited products and content listed in the general requirements, ads about the following products are only allowed on the search results page, not the new tab:

  • Drugs or clinics involving the treatment of gynecological, rectal or venereal diseases

  • Electronic cigarettes

  • Condoms

  • Steroids or other performance enhancing drugs

  • Abortion clinics or abortion related content

b. The following products and services are allowed on the search results page and browser new tab but must meet the following conditions:

  • Card games: The content or landing pages of card games are not allowed to contain any information related to gambling, making real money, or exchanging coins or other virtual tokens for real money.

  • Fireworks: The landing page must have full information about the address of the producers/distributors of the fireworks products.

  • Virtual money:  Virtual money (e.g. Bitcoin, One Coin) are only allowed if the landing page does not make any claims regarding being a banking or financial institution.

2. Headline and description requirements:

  • The first letter of an ad must be capitalized, except for brand names or website names.

  • The first letter of each word can be capitalized.

  • Ads cannot be written in all capital letters or use excessive capitalization (Ex: qC cỐc CốC, QC CỐC CỐC) except for brand names.

  • Ads cannot contain repeated punctuation, except in cases where grammatically necessary (e.g. ellipses). Ex: Keep calm and create ads on Cốc Cốc!!!

  • Text should follow all other standard Vietnamese grammar rules.

  • Redundant foreign language words are not allowed.

3. Landing page requirements:

  • Information contained on the landing page must be relevant to the ad content. Advertisers are responsible for providing accurate information.

  • Landing pages cannot contain information about prohibited products listed in our General requirements.

  • Landing pages cannot contain information that encourages violence or is unsuitable for the historic traditions, culture, ethics, habits and customs of Vietnam.

4. Address requirements:

  • Address must be a location in Vietnam

  • Address must include the name of the city, street, road, number and building, but should not include the country

  • Notes on how to find the address are allowed.

  • Other information, such as phone number, email, or Skype, is not allowed.

  • All people should be able to receive advertised goods or services at the registered address.

  • Address should be written in Vietnamese

  • QC Cốc Cốc maintains the right to check the authenticity of the address at any time.

5. Image requirements:

  • Images should be 90 x 90px.

  • Allowed image formats: *.jpg, *.png, *.jpeg.

  • Image file size must not exceed 2 MB.

  • Image must be good quality.

  • Images larger than 90 x 90 px will be resized.

  • Image must not mislead users about promotions, products or services

  • Image must be clear and any text on the image should be readable.

  • Advertisers must have all rights for the images and must take responsibility for using the image.


All question about search ads, feel free contact us via:

Hotline:  (024) 38 838 838


Skype: coccoc_qc or Yahoo: coccoc_qc