What is QC Cốc Cốc?


QC Cốc Cốc is an online advertising platform that gives you access to over 19 million people – half of Vietnam’s Internet users. QC Cốc Cốc offers a variety of advertising and targeting options that allow you to reach users in the right way, at the right time.


  1. QC Cốc Cốc Ad formats

  2. Advantages of QC Cốc Cốc

  3. How much does QC Cốc Cốc cost?

  4. How to get started


Reach 19 million Cốc Cốc users


  1. QC Cốc Cốc ad formats


Users click on your ad and go directly to your website


Search ads:

Show your ads to people who search for words or phrases you choose. Your ads will display on our search results page, above, below, or beside the organic results. You can also choose to show your search ads on the Cốc Cốc new tab to remind users of your business. There are 2 types of search ads for you to choose from: text ads and banner ads. 

New Tab banner:

One banner at one time.

Showcase your product on the middle of the Cốc Cốc new tab, which is visited 29 million times a day. For millions of users, the Internet starts on the Cốc Cốc new tab, and this format is a great way to grab their attention.

Icon Ads:

Icons are located at the bottom of the Cốc Cốc new tab. Because we only sell a limited number of icons, our users do not view icons as advertisements.

Shopping Ads: 

  Shopping ads are blocks of products with a slider that appear on Search Engine Result Pages. Shopping ads will be a good choice for retailers or businesses that want to increase their sales. 

  Browser Skin Ads

  Browser skin ads are a flash ad that appears on the entire new tab of a Cốc Cốc browser. A browser skin is very attention-grabbing and gives you more opportunities to reach your targeted customers.


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  1. Advantages of QC Cốc Cốc

QC Cốc Cốc positive feedback

  • Right people: Use keywords/ categories to target specific users who are interested in your product or service

  • Right time, right place: Choose the specific times and locations where you want your ad to display.

  • Stand out display: Instead of getting buried in a website with tons of ads, your ad will stand out in front of your prospects on the Cốc Cốc search results page or new tab.

The result? Better visibility! More sales! Better branding!

  • Effectively use your money: Set a weekly budget to control the amount you spend. Get even more control by setting the maximum amount you want to pay for each click. Your money is under your control.

  1. How much does QC Cốc Cốc cost?

QC Cốc Cốc utilizes cost per click (CPC) billing:

  • You are only charged when a user actually clicks on your ad. Thre is no cost just for placing an advertisement.

  • You set the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a single click, starting from just 100 VNĐ/ click.

  • If you want to try a new advertising channel, but fear expensive upfront costs—don’t worry! With QC Cốc Cốc, just 500.000 vnđ can get you started on a new advertising channel with over 19 million users.

 Besides, QC Cốc Cốc offer you another billing method: CPM (Cost per mille). CPM is the cost that you willing to pay for 1 thousand impressions of an ad on Coc Coc. This billing method is suitable for businesses who want to raise their brand awereness.


  1. How to Get Started


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