Understanding browser skin ad

QC Coc Coc is proud to introduce a new ad type:

Browser Skin.

1. What is a browser skin? Where is it located?

Browser Skin is the ad that appears on the entire area of the new tab on Cốc Cốc Browser.

Unlike usual banner ad on QC Coc Coc, which is limited to a given size, browser skin ad appears on the entire area of the Coc Coc browser's new tab. The bigger ad area, the more chance that you will have in grabbing customers’ attention.

Browser Skin is specifically beneficial for the brands who wish to raise their brand awareness.

2. How browser skin works:

Browser skin ad can only be created and edited by QC Coc Coc Support Team in the UI of QC system. A browser skin consists of 2 parts: one background and one centered banner in static or flash format. Browser skin provides plentiful of chances for your designers to be creative.That’s one of the reasons why a browser skin is the favorable ad type for a brand awareness campaign.   


Browser skin joins an ad auction to be displayed.

There is only one browser skin ad allowed to be displayed each time a user opens a new tab. (Besides, there could be a few icon ad displayed at the same time at the footer area)

Some targeting options you can choose for this type of ad are:


  • Category targeting
  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Time targeting
  • Re-targeting
  • Competitors

Payment method CPM (cost per mille) is applied for this ad type. This means your ad will be joining an ad auction and you will set the bid for every 1000 impressions.

Because you can set the bidding price yourself, you can control how to use your budget in the best way.

Browser skin needs to follow some technical requirements. And of course, it needs to meet our requirement for banner ads.


Fancy a browser skin campaign? Contact our support team now:

Hotline (04) 38 838 838

Email: sales@coccoc.vn or support_qc@coccoc.vn