How to create a new search ad

Search ads are one of our most popular advertising formats. They're cost effective, highly targeted, and easy to set up. Here's how you can get started with search ads:

  1. Log in to your QC Cốc Cốc account

You can create ads in a new campaign. If you already have an existing search ad campaign, you can create more ads there.

  1. Create a new campaign

  • Click on “CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN” on your "MY CAMPAIGNS"  tab.

  • Choose "Search Ads" from the dropdown. Enter your desired campaign name and click "Next"

  • Choose preferences

  • Duration of the campaign: (optional) Set the start and end date for your campaign. You can always pause your campaign at any time.

  • Maximum weekly budget: (optional) You can set your weekly budget to be limited to a specified amount. However, once your budget has been reached, your ad will no longer be displayed. To give your ad maximum exposure, you can leave this option blank for an unlimited budget.

  • Advanced Stat Tracking (on/off): (optional) Advanced Stat Tracking allows you to track your campaigns in greater detail by adding custom UTM tags that let third-party analytics software analyze your QC Cốc Cốc traffic.

  • Click “Save”.

  1. Create a new search ad

  • You should be on the page for the campaign you just created. On this page, click  "CREATE NEW AD" to create a new search ad.

  • You should be presented with a screen that allows you to enter important information about your ad (below).

  • Ad placement: You can choose to show your ad on the Cốc Cốc search results page, Cốc Cốc browser homepage (new tab page) or both. You can preview each placement type on the right side of the interface. Learn more about ad placements.

Decide where your ad will display


After you choose your placement location, you can enter the text, link, and image:

  • Title: your title should grab the user's attention and give some information about your product or service.

  • Description: your description should go into more detail about your product or service and convince the user to click. Learn more about how to create good ad text

  • Link: your link should be the page you want users to be directed to.

  • Image: your image should be 90px x 90px and related to your advertising content. Images are only required for new tab ads, but can be included with both ad types. Learn more about how to choose an effective image for your ads.

  • Address: if you have a physical store, your address should be as specific as possible so users can easily determine where your store is.

  • Advanced settings:

Targeting options let you reach the right potential customers and maximize your budget. Learn more about targeting options.

  1. Geo-targeting: You can choose to only display your search ad to Cốc Cốc users in certain geographic areas or choose “Nationwide” to display your ad to all Cốc Cốc users in Vietnam.

  2. Ad Scheduling: You can choose to only display your search ad to Cốc Cốc users during certain times. You can schedule times both by day and by hour. We recommend you consider the internet usage habits of your desired customers when choosing your ad scheduling preferences.

Click on the green square to select/deselect advertising times
  • Enter keywords

  • Keywords: Fill in the keywords you want to target. Learn more about creating a good keyword list.

  • You can set bids for each individual keyword or apply one bid to all keywords. To display your ad in the top position, recommend you use the "Suggested bid."

After you enter your keywords, you're almost done!

  • Click “Save” to submit your ad to our moderation team and start displaying your ad. After clicking save, your ad’s status will be “Pending”. This means your ad is waiting to be moderated by the QC Cốc Cốc moderation team.

  • Once our moderation team approves your ad, its status will be changed to Active. Otherwise, its status will be Rejected. If your ad is rejected, please modify your ad to fix the noted issues and resubmit your ad to moderation.

  • Draft: If you want to publish your ad later, you can save it in your drafts by clicking DRAFT. You can activate the ad at any time. Like all newly submitted ads, draft ads must be moderated before being displayed.

Learn more about ad statuses here.

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