How to create a new icon ad

With more than 50,000 clicks per day, icon ads are an eye-catching way to reach users on the Cốc Cốc browser homepage (new tab page).


Creating an icon ad is easy, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your QC account at QC Cốc Cốc

You can create a new icon ad in an existing icon campaign or create a new campaign. The next step will guide you to create an icon ad campaign.

2. Create a new icon ad campaign

  • In the MY CAMPAIGN interface, click on "Create new campaign";


  • Choose "Icon ads on the Cốc Cốc browser homepage" and enter a name for your campaign

  • Set campaign duration and weekly budget:

  • Duration of the campaign: (optional) Set the start date and end date for your campaign. If your campaign has no end date, you can leave the end date blank. You can always pause your campaign at any time.

  • Maximum weekly budget: (optional) You can set your maximum weekly budget to a certain amount. However, once your budget has been reached, your ad will no longer be displayed. To reach the maximum number of users possible, we recommend leaving this option blank. 

  • Turn stat tracking on or off: (optional) Stat tracking allows you to track your campaigns in greater detail with Google Analytics.

After you have set your campaign settings, click "SAVE".

3. Create a new icon ad

At your campaign’s main interface, click "CREATE NEW AD".

a. General information

  1. Headline: Enter the name of your product or service here. This text will be shown above your icon when users hover their mouse over your icon. Your headline should follow to our general content requirements. Please read more here.

  2. Link: This is the page that users will be directed to when they click on your icon.

  3. Image: Upload your 60*60px icon image file here (allowed formats: .jpg, .png, .gif).

b. Advanced settings

  • Geo-targeting: You can choose to only display your icon ad to Cốc Cốc users in certain geographic areas or choose “Nationwide” to display your ad to all Cốc Cốc users in Vietnam.

  • Ad Scheduling: You can choose to only display your icon ad to Cốc Cốc users during certain times. You can schedule times both by day and by hour. We recommend you consider the internet usage habits of your desired customers when choosing your ad scheduling preferences.

Click on the green square to select/deselect advertising times

For instance: you could choose to show your ads only during business hours or choose to show ads only during weekends. Both options are possible.

You can read more about targeting options here.

After that, click "NEXT"

c. Choose categories

You can choose to only target users interested in certain categories. If you want to target a larger and more general group of users, you can choose to add all categories.

*Notice: We don’t allow ads for games in the “Other” category.

After selecting your categories, you can enter your bid for each individual category or you can set one bid for all categories. To maximize the chance that your ad is displayed, we recommend you use our suggested bid.

  • Click "SAVE" to submit your ad to our moderation team and start displaying your ad. After clicking save, your ad’s status will be “Pending”. This means your ad is waiting to be moderated by the Cốc Cốc moderation team.

  • Once our moderation team approves your icon, its status will be changed to Active". Otherwise, its status will be "Rejected". If your ad is rejected, please modify your ad to fix the noted issues and resubmit your ad to moderation.

  • DRAFT: If you want to publish your ad later, you can save it in your drafts by clicking DRAFT. You can activate the ad at any time. Like all newly submitted ads, draft ads must be moderated before being displayed.

You can find more about ad statuses here.