How to write good ad text

Good ad text will help persuade your customers to click on your ad and increase your sales. Therefore, we would like to share with you some useful tips for how to write quality ad text:

1. Headline (60 characters):

Write a headline that closely mirrors your customers’ end goals. People who search for “OPPO N3” will be more likely to click on an ad with the text “OPPO N3 sale off up to 30%” than an ad that reads “Wanna change your phone?”.

2. Description ( characters):

  • Your ad content (including headline and description) should contain at least one of your main keywords. When customers search, their keyword will be highlighted in the search results. Therefore, users are more likely to notice and click on your ad if your ad text contains the keywords they are searching for.

Tip: Keywords in your link will be highlighted just like keywords in the text content. Incorporating your keyword in your landing page URL is a good way to make your ad stand out even more.

highlighted keyword text

Keyword is highlighted in headline, description and link

  • Be concise and clear; you only have 80 characters to capture a user’s interest.
  • If possible, try to answer three questions in your ad text
    • What is the benefit to the customer?
    • What makes you different than your competitors?
    • What can you do to prove your claims?

For example:

Example of Effective Keyword Text

Try to state clearly what benefits you bring, what is your difference, and prove it

  • Use a clear call to action (CTA), like ‘buy now’, ‘try now’, ‘call now’, ‘click now’, etc. This will create an urgent feeling for your clients. Try now!
  • Be specific--you shouldn’t use the same ad text for all of your ads and keywords. Try to invest time to write different ad text for each of your ads.
  • Include prices, promotions, and exclusives: people often use Cốc Cốc to compare prices before deciding what to buy. Give them the information they need to decide. Tell them if you have a limited-time discount or stock an exclusive product.

*Notice: When writing ad text, please review our ad content requirements here.

3. Example of good ad text

example of good ad text

  • The headline is concise and highlights the benefits of the product (perfect wallet)
  • The description shows what makes the product unique (slim, free shipping, full range available online).
  • The image relates closely to the ad text

4. Example of bad ad text

Example of bad ad text

  • The headline is too general, unimpressive, and has no clear point.
  • The description doesn’t explain what makes the wallet different and offers no attempt to prove the purse’s worth.

We hope these tips help you write some amazing and compelling ad text. Wish you have effective ads with QC Cốc Cốc!

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