How to choose an effective picture for your ad

Image is an indispensable part of an ad on the new tab of Coc Coc web browser. An attractive and impressive image will help you to capture potential customers’ attention, thus contributing to reduce advertising cost. Some advices below will help you to select the best image for your ad:

  • Choose vivid, friendly image that is easy to attract users’ attention.


  • Choose clear image with the right angle for your products/ services


  • Choose image that is suitable and closely tied with ad content and title.


  • Choose impressive image that easily arouses amusement


  • Be aware of the face and body proportions when you crop/edit the photo to fit the size of a banner ad

  • Don’t add too much text to the banner since the banner size is relatively small. Adding more text will confuse customers and also spoil the ad image.

  • The contrast between background color and text color must be enought to ensure the readability of the image. Read more about contrast in banner design here.

  • Nonsense or excessively edited images are the “disasters” in advertising.

  • Restrain from selecting dark, monotonous and boring image. It will degrade the quality of your products/ services and brand.

  • Images with too much detail would distract customers from what you really want to advertise.