Understanding bids and bidding

  1. What is a bid?

  2. How can I set or change my bid?

  3. How should I set my bid?

  1. What is your bid?

  • Your bid is the maximum price you are willing to pay each time a user clicks on your ad.

  • Your bid is a large element in determining if or in what position your ad is displayed.

  • Your bid isn’t necessarily the actual amount you will pay for each click. The actual price of a click will never be higher than your bid, but it can be less than or equal to your bid thanks to the auction process.

Auction process: QC Cốc Cốc will compare your bid and the quality of your ad content (evaluated via CTR) to other ads in order to choose which ad to show. The system will calculate the actual price based on these comparisons. The actual price is the minimum amount you need for your ad to be displayed and is often less than your bid. Read more about ad auction
  • Setting a higher bid generally helps to increase your ad’s impressions.

  • In the case of text ads, your bid is a significant factor in determining whether or not your ad will be shown at the top of the search results page.

  1. How Can I Set or Change My Bid?

  • Step 1: Sign in to your account at QC Cốc Cốc.

  • Step 2: Navigate to an existing ad or create a new ad.

  • Step 3: Fill in the required fields, and then enter your keywords/categories and a bid for each respective keyword or category. Alternatively, if you wish to have the same bid for all of your keywords or categories, you can choose the "Set bid to all" option.

You can also change your bid when your ads are active:

  1. How Should I Set My Bid?

There is no single bid that applies to all situations, as the best bid for your individual situation will depend on factors such as: your keywords/categories, degree of competiveness, ad quality, etc. However, we can provide some general elements to consider when setting your bid:

  1. Your budget

When you create a new campaign, you have the option to create a weekly budget to help you control your spending. This means that you can set your individual bids without worrying about overspending.

  1. Our Suggested Bid

After entering your keyword or category, our system will automatically suggest a bid for you. This suggestion is based on our statistics and is an estimate for the bid needed for your ad to achieve the top position at that current time. Below are the best positions for each ad format:

  • Search ads: Top 03 positions above organic results.

  • Banner ads: Only one banner at a time is displayed on the new tab.

  • Icon ads:  Top 8-10 icons on the Cốc Cốc new tab. The best icon placement is not always the first icon but the icon that generates highest CTR.

The suggested bid also gives you an idea of the competitiveness of your keywords/ categories. A high suggested bid likely means you are bidding on a competitive keyword. You can set your bid higher, lower, or equal to the suggested bid. To maximize your ad’s impressions, we recommend choosing the suggested bid.

  1. Your Ad’s Quality

We want advertisers of all budget sizes to be able to advertise on QC Cốc Cốc. We also want our users to see quality ads.

Therefore, your bid is only part of the equation for determining whether your ad displays. We also take into account your ad’s CTR.

Let’s look at a concrete example: You bid 300 VND for a keyword. Your competitor bids 700 VND for the same keyword. However, your ad content quality is better than their ad’s content. Your ad has a bigger chance to show or have higher position compared to your competitor’s ad.

Tips to create quality ad content:

  • Choose a clear, creative ad text with strong headline and compelling copy. Learn more

  • Choose an expressive image with perfect layout and vivid color. Learn more

  • Choose relevant keywords. You can use our “Traffic prediction” tool to estimate how popular a keyword is. Learn more

  • Your copy, your image, your landing page must be relevant to the ads. Relevant ads will have better CTR and better conversions—it’s a win-win!

  1. Ad/Campaign Monitoring

Because the CTR of your ad and the competitiveness of your keywords might change, your ads and bid require occasional monitoring.

For example, if your CTR is dropping, you may need to make changes to either your ad content or bid. You could try further optimizing your ad to increase your CTR. Or you can increase your bid to be more competitive.


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