Ad status

Your ad’s status tells you whether or not your ad is actively being displayed to users. Your ad can have one of five potential statuses.

Please note: Depends on the situation and your ad status, you may see a question mark near the ad status. You can hover your mouse on that question mark to see detailed explanation on your ad status.

Let’s examine each potential status:

  1. Pending

Whenever you create or modify an ad, it needs to be approved by our moderation team to ensure compliance with QC Cốc Cốc’s ad requirements. Your ad’s status will remain Pending until this process is finished.

  1. Active

If your ad’s status is Active that means your ad is currently eligible to be displayed to users. Your ad can be displayed on QC Cốc Cốc if your account balance is positive, or you just need to make a payment (click here to see how).

  1. Rejected

If your ad’s status is Rejected, our moderation team has determined that your ad violates one or more of QC Cốc Cốc’s content or technical requirements. Please hover your mouse over the question mark near the Rejected status to see the specific reason(s) why your ad was rejected. Here are some possible reasons:

  • Title: Misspellings, abbreviations, incorrect information, etc.

  • Link: Incorrect link, destination link is different than display link, etc.

  • Address: Unclear, inaccurate when compared to information on the landing page.

  • Ad content: Different than the landing page’s content, misspellings, all uppercase, etc.

  • Image: Fuzzy, excessive use of words or symbols, etc.

Please review all our ad requirements here to see whether you violate something

If your ad is Rejected, please correct your ad according to the reasons and resubmit your ad to our moderation team. Your ad will remain Pending until our moderation team approves it.

  1. Draft

After creating an ad, you can choose “Draft” if you want to save your ad but are not ready to submit it to our moderation team.

If you would like your draft ad to be displayed to Cốc Cốc users, click on the dropdown near the status and choose “Activate”. Like any newly submitted ad, your ad will need to be moderated before it can be displayed.

  1. Stopped

If your ad’s status is Stopped, it could be because of two possible reasons:

  • First, you can manually choose to stop your ad. When you do this, your ad will NOT be displayed to users. Change the ad’s status back to Active to begin displaying your ad to users again.

  • Second, your ad may have been automatically stopped by our system because you reached your weekly budget limit or due to your ad scheduling preferences.

To find out the reason why your ad is stopped, just hover your mouse over the question mark near the status.


If you have any problems creating ads, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help via

Hotline:  (024) 38 838 838


Skype: coccoc_qc or Yahoo: coccoc_qc


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