New! One More Display Location for Search Ads


Dear Advertisers, we’re happy to offer a new display location for search ads:

The Right Side of the Search Results Page

For some keywords, ads that are eligible to appear at the bottom of the search results page will be moved to the new side placement.

Side ads are above the fold with top ads


This new display option is above the fold—right in-front of users’ eyes. This increases your ad’s visibility. Your ads now have a better chance to appear above the fold – just like top ads.

There are also a maximum of 8 ads in the new side placement. This is a great opportunity for advertisers who want to display ads for competitive keywords.

The order of ads on the search results page is still the same. The three top ads will appear at the top of the page – above the organic search results. Subsequent ads will appear on the side or bottom (but not both) depending on the search phrase. We will use a formula to calculate the best choice – side or bottom – for advertisers.

We wish you a great 2016 with effective advertising!


How to create a search ads:

It's easy to create a search ad. Just follow these simple steps. The hard part can be understanding user intent, writing good copy and choosing an effective image. Don't worry! We're always here to help our advertisers. Read more about your benefits.

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