New instant-fix feature helps you write better content


We always want to show our users quality ads. Therefore, we sometimes have to, unfortunately, reject some ads from being displayed on QC Cốc Cốc. We investigated these rejections to find some ways to help advertisers avoid their ads being rejected for simple mistakes. As a result, we are happy to introduce a new instant fix feature which helps to suggest corrections for common mistakes that advertisers can make. Here are the details:

Auto capitalize first letters of sentences

If we see that you don’t capitalize the first letters of your sentences, we will automatically highlight and capitalize them.

In unique cases where that first letter should be lowercase (e.g. brand names such as iPhone, eBay, etc.), you can change the letter back to lowercase and QC Cốc Cốc will never auto capitalize that word again.

Click on the highlighted word to see your options

Suggest corrections for improper capitalization

To ensure the readability of your ad content, we don’t allow improper capitalization. You may capitalize the first letter of each word, but complete words cannot be written in all capitals.

For example, you can write “Good capitalization” or “Good Capitalization”. However, please don’t use improper capitalization like “GOOD CAPITALIZATION” or “gOod CapitAliZation”.

If we notice any improper capitalization, we will highlight the word and show a notice. You can click on the highlighted word to see some suggestions to fix the issue. You can consider changing the content, or if you believe your content still meets our ad requirements, you can still submit your ad as written.

Click on the highlighted word to see fixing suggestions

  • Suggest corrections for repeated punctuation:

We understand that the use of repeated punctuation (e.g. “??”, “!!”) is sometimes perceived as a way to emphasize a point. However, as Cốc Cốc’s user base varies in ages, regions, genders, etc, we have to standardize the way we use grammar to Vietnamese standard grammar, which doesn’t allow for repeated punctuation. This is also stated in our advertising policies here.

Therefore, when you’re writing your content, if we notice any repeated punctuation, we will highlight the word, show a notification and suggestion to change. Repeated punctuation cases are when you use one of the below punctuation types multiple times in a row:

! ? , ; : ' " [ ] { } \ ( ) - /

For the use of periods, we allow ellipses (…), but we will suggest to change other uses.

Click on the highlighted word to see fixing suggestions


With this new feature, we hope that no ads will to be rejected for easily avoidable mistakes. We will continue to extend this feature in a non-invasive manner where possible.

If you have any problems with this feature, or would like to ask us questions, please contact us here.

Hotline: (024) 38 838 838

Skype: coccoc_qc or Yahoo: coccoc_qc