Introducing a new ad format - ICON ad


Cốc Cốc is excited to announce that our new ad format – Icons, is now available for all of our advertisers.

Where will you see icons?

In the bottom part of Cốc Cốc homepage we show interesting and useful websites as icons. Icons are very appealing for customers, on average icons get more than 50 thousand clicks per day.

                                                                             Icons get more than 50 thousand clicks per day

Like with every other ad format, you can manage your Icon campaign all by yourself: create ads, set your bidding price, target your audience.

We have several targeting options with this type of an ad: Location (where your potential customers gather), time targeting and categories (customers’ interests like education, jobs, mobile, travel…).

Ads’ display frequency depends on bidding price and especially on ad quality (see more at about bidding here)

You only have to pay when customers click on your icon. Because you can set the bidding price yourself, you can control how to use your budget in a best way.

Please check regulations for icon ads here.

If you have any questions, Cốc Cốc team is always ready to support you through hotline (04) 38 838 838 or email:


Step 1 : Create an icon ad campaign

  • Sign in your account at QC Cốc Cốc.


Then choose Icons on Coc Coc browser homepage

Name your campaign and click NEXT. After that, finish basic setups in your new campaign.

*Campaign duration: time you want to run this ad campaign.

*Weekly payment limit: Set your weekly maximum budget.

*Stat tracking: Track your campaign activities.

Click SAVE – your campaign is now successfully set up.

Step 2 : Create new Icon advert

In your icon campaign, click Create new advert

First: General information

*Note: Image size for icon is 60*60 px.

Second : Advanced settings

*Choose location: Set icon display location (by province/city or nationwide)

*Setup time: Limit the time of displaying the banner (by day, by choosing time slots).

Click NEXT


Categories are your potential customers’ interests. Choose the appropriate ones to advertise right to your potential customer.

Click "SAVE" to approve changes and start displaying your ads.

*Click “DRAFT” if you need to reconsider your ad.