Cost and payment

1.000.000 VND

Minimum budget

After creating an ad
you need to add funds
to your account
to activate the campaign

100 VND

Lowest cost per click

Payment methods

For your convenience, Cốc Cốc QC provides diversified and modern payment forms suitable for both individual and business customers. Currently, we accept the following forms of payment.

  • Cash payment

    For the customers who don’t use online payment methods.

    After your payment request has been received, Cốc Cốc staff will approve it and contact you directly to schedule a meeting. Within two hours our staff will come to sign the Cốc Cốc's service agreement and collect your payment. If you wish to receive a VAT (Value added tax) invoice with your tax details we will send the invoice by post.

    • Working hours: 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday.
    • Service coverage: Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city.
    Instantly after receiving your payment , it will be deposited the to your Cốc Cốc QC account.
  • Bank transfer

    Money can be transferred to Cốc Cốc at most bank branches, ATMs or through Internet Banking

    Please use the following account details:

    • Beneficiary: Coc Coc Company Limited
    • Account No (VND): 0011004193020
    • Beneficiary Bank: Vietcombank-Branch


    • In the deposit slip, please fill accurately “Payment for the bill number ### for Cốc Cốc QC (###: Your invoice number from the invoice announcement). This is required for us to verify that the payment was made to your Cốc Cốc QC account.
    • Please keep all your receipts in case of any unforeseen events.
    Once we receive your payment, the funds will be added to Cốc Cốc QC account balance.
  • Debit or Credit Card Payment

    This is the most convenient and recommended method. Your approved advertisements will run immediately after we receive your valid billing information.

    You can make a payment using a credit card and domestic or international debit cards through the secure and verified Wepay or Smartlink online payment gateways.

    Please note that this method is only applicable to individual customers.

    Wepay supports the following payment cards:

    • International credit and debit cards with Visa, Mastercard logo.
    • Domestic ATM or Internet banking: Vietcombank, VIB, ViettinBank, HDBank, DongA bank, MB, Techcombank, TienPhong Bank, SHB, Viet Bank, Maritime Bank, Exim Bank, Nam A Bank, Sacombank, SeABank, Agribank, Sai Gon Bank, PG Bank, VP Bank, Bac A Bank, BIDV Bank, ABBank, Ocean Bank.


    Your Visa/MasterCard/ATM card has to be activated by your bank to allow purchases over the Internet prior to any online payment you make.

    After your bank account has been verified, the money will be automatically transferred to your Cốc Cốc QC account via Wepay or Smartlink.

Business customers can use the following types of payment:

  • Bank transfer
  • Direct cash payment (Hanoi and Hochiminh city) Your corporate account will be replenished within 1 or 2 working days after we receive your payment.

This method of payment provides you with:

  1. VAT invoice
  2. Order confirmation
  3. Delivery record